Welcome to Dealership Experts, my name is Nino Parco. I am originally from a small fishing town 35 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts called Gloucester (pronounced Glosta). Growing up in this working class town along the north eastern sea board I learned the value of hard work at a very young age by delivering the Boston Herald every day rain, snow, or shine from 1979 - 1983. I was then introduced to the automotive industry in 1983 where I began driving the parts van and working in the parts department for Mariano Chevrolet. This was the beginning of my now 28+ year career path and journey as an automotive industry professional.


Since that time I have steadily worked myself through the ranks within the automotive industry holding such positions as Salesman, Finance Manager, Finance Director, New Vehicle Manager, Pre-Owned Manager, Pre-Owned Director, General Sales Manager, and General Manager. By mastering each position along the way I have developed a vast knowledge of processes to profit operating style. In 2004 I attended my first N.A.D.A. convention, and again in 2005, as a presenter and key-note speaker for American Auto Exchange, now operated and owned by Dealer Track. This really focused my career within pre-owned inventory management and I then specialized in new and pre-owned inventory management by becoming the Founder & C.O.O. of RAW Auto Solutions, a technology based automotive inventory software management and value company founded in 2006 and launched at N.A.D.A. in 2008. I recently separated my interest in that company. Throughout my successful career I have been employed with positions of capacity and consulted with some of the largest publicly held and privately held auto groups in the automotive industry (Massey Automotive Group, Sonic Automotive Group, Van Tuyl Automotive Group, JM&A) just to name a few.


In today’s automotive market if you do not know how to manage inventory, which would include vehicles, parts, and people, then you are not maximizing the gross profit of your dealership and/or dealerships. This was the trigger for creating Dealership Experts and corralling some of the brightest and most talented people within the industry. By implementing proven processes (variable and fixed), pay plans, and tracking key market indicators within your store, DMA, and PMA, coupled with people I like to refer to as "difference makers".Your store can soon be on the road to recovery with your own stimulus package called “Net Profit”. Please feel free to Contact Me at anytime to discuss what Dealership Experts can do for your organization. May God Bless you, and your family.


Thanks for visiting us and kindest regards

Nino P. Parco, C.E.O

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