Organic Lead Generation vs. PPC

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As long as you have the most basic URL "" and you have the correct robot.txt files you will rank at the top with that name organically. Most companies don't realize what website counter-intelligence is or how their competitors may be utilizing it to take organic traffic away from their PPC spending and organic campaigns if they have any.

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This knowledge if executed and coupled with a strategic SEO and SEM website implementation plan can have you less dependent on PPC and provide a growing organic lead generation machine. Better yet, keep spending and move your PPC dollars to parts of you PMA (product market area) that you are not currently penetrating therefor increasing your business over all in any market conditions. If your lead generation is only increased with your PPC budget, this is a failing and expensive approach to organic lead generation and keeping up with the competition. Having an SEO and SEM vendor or analyst as a partner or team member with your organization is a strategy that is sure to pay off for the smallest business that before had to spend more PPC dollars to compete. It can maintain your dominant market share for larger companies. #OrganicLeads #SEO #SEM #IncreaseWebLeads #KnowTheInternet

Organic leads are the result of the constant changing of relative information on your website vs. your competitors websites

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