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Automotive 20 Group Presentations

Dealership Experts offers 20 Group presentations and training that are tailored around the subject matter of your timing and choice. From variable operations to fixed operations, get your point across to your dealer constituents and management teams on areas that matter in today's automotive landscape. From market compression solutions to your 20 groups approach to the auto industries digital era. Improve your 20 Group knowledge for profit by delivering progressive process to profit influence and solutions. Contact Dealership Experts today and create a 20 Group presentation that will have your 20 Group driving net profit to the bottom line.

Dealership Experts compliles and tracks automotive industry statistics and analytics that demonstrate the ability for any automotive dealer to improve their dealership by key indicators within your store exhibiting the power of great teamwork. Great teamwork starts with a staff that all have the same goals and interests that they are targeting. To attain goals you must have a cohesive group of employees and this is what we do best, bring your team together to attain the same goals. Let Dealership Experts show you the most effective team building skills..

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